Monday, March 5, 2012

the zoos in md washington dc penn

1 the philly zoo 2 baltimore zoo 3 natonial zoo lodge conn ave havard st jewett st directions from 29 lee hwy then take intersate 66 e to thedore rossvelt mem br to rock creek pkwy to catherdal ave to conn ave make a right then arrive at the zoo 4 brian wilson parrot zoo henedville damacus germantown va take I 395to george washington pkwy west to 495 north to i 270 495 expy exit 16 to father hurley blvd take 27 e then take howard chapel dr to gue RD to ridge RD make a left

humboldt penguin and the peruvian penguin j

they are from south america they are also from chile and peru the are the same kinds of penguins

Monday, November 28, 2011

ruby throated hummingbirds

the males green upperparts irides cent red throat white and belly the females similar is white but not red plant a hummingbird garden full of flowers with red tubulars blossoms

white ibises

this large white long legged bird and his long downcurved redish bill in flight white wing show tips mostly quiet alarm call is a nasal hunk hunk hunk white ibises with their necks out straight unlike herons and egrets which they keep them bent